Karen E Sidbury

Karen Sidbury, owner of Face4ward Makeup Artistry, is based in Northern California. She has received formal training from the Yvonne de Vilar Aesthetic School, The Esthetic Institute, and the Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist Academy. She has also had the privilege of training under celebrity makeup artist DeShawn Hatcher.

Karen’s most recent projects include “Damned”, a web series produced by the dynamic duo Kevin Troy of Sylvain Films and Michael Tuthill of Lucid Images, “Your Last Six Inches” a short film written and produced by Wade Byard and directed by Joseph Durbin, and being one of the featured makeup artists for the soon to be launched “Quality Pinups” Online Magazine featuring the work of Australian photographer Charles Sorensen.

In 2010 Karen became a member of Checkmate Studios, LLC. This fantastic privilege came about through an opportunity to assist her newest mentor, veteran makeup artist Jim Choate, who has worked with actors such as Russel Crowe, and Johnny Depp.

Karen is a featured makeup artist with Creative Hysteria, LLC, a Media Entertainment Group in the nation’s capital that brings together the best in creative talent and innovation to meet the needs of the client.

Karen is one a member of the Roman Pictures Motion Picture & Television Production management team, a motion picture and television production company based in Alexandria, Virginia. As a member she works directly with Carlos Etzio Roman, owner of Roman Pictures and director of the award winning Sci-Fi series pilot “Signals”.

Prior to her film work with Roman Pictures, Karen also worked with independent filmmaker Zhibo Lai, Owner/Director of Reel Light Films on “The Inferior” (2006), “Semi-Sweet” (2007), and “Dreamland” (2008), all short films produced for The 48 Hour Film Project – Washington, DC.

She is also a member The Metropolitan Makeup Artists Network, a group that provides support, recognition, and opportunities to local area makeup artists, The Powder Group, and has recently received the honor of being listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com), an online database of information about movies and television shows, and the actors, crew and personnel involved in creating them.